Maria Martino,scents from the house in the wind

Maria Martino Made in Italy

Once upon a time, there was a white HOUSE that looked out over the sea and the countryside from the gentle slope of a hill, in the land of JASMINE and BERGAMOT. Every day, in the early morning, a little girl stepped out of the door with her granny and started to ran happily in the WIND, under the stern look of Scylla and Charybdis.

On their return, the deep green citrus plants welcomed them like silent, sunny and generous guardians, dipped in the quietness of their aromas. Time passed by, picking flowers and listening to the grandma’s stories. The little girl learned how to distinguish each season from the scents carried by the wind, in a perpetual change of nature’s colours and rhythms.

Our environment leaves an indelible signature in our way of being.

That’s how the grown-up MARIA MARTINO started to transform colours and perfumes of Calabria, her home land, in a wonderful olfactory experience.


Maria Martino

Maria Martino Scents

Made in Italy

LA MIA CASA NEL VENTO is the common thread of the most important elements in Maria’s life: her land, its colours and its perfumes. Each bottle mixes the scents of a sunset with the colours of the air, new horizons and old memories from distant places.

There’s a word which sounds perfect for her compositions: fascination. As soon as you sniff them, your mind evokes pictures of travels, art and literature. One of her beloved books gave birth, for instance, to THE LEOPARD GARDEN: a fragrance freely inspired by the masterpiece of the 20th Century Italian literature. This perfume’s notes recreate the atmosphere of a passionate, fascinating and decadent Bourbonist garden in the Sicilian sunset.

The ancient Greek culture, where spices and plants preserve their fragrances in oils and aromatic unguents, is at the root of Maria’s passion for botanical perfumes, particularly in SOLID FORM.

The specific consistency and gestures required for their application lead to the art of scent: you need to caress the perfume’s surface and then touch the pulse points of your body, such as NECK and CHEST, to be totally surrounded by its sensorial allure. It’s a sophisticated and more intimate way of interpreting perfumes.

LA MIA CASA NEL VENTO’s products are hand made using nothing more than fine, natural and organic essential oils. No molecular or synthetically reconstructed fragrances could give the same psycho-sensorial benefit.

The result is a unique and, more importantly, alive product. After an initial vital explosion, aromas become lighter and blend with the skin, like a fresh floral bouquet.

Maria’s inspiration comes from her surroundings: nature is unique and inimitable, never trivial and always different.

Brava Maria!

P.S. LA MIA CASA NEL VENTO can be purchased HERE and as a signature treatment in 4 enchanting Belmond Hotel locations: Caruso, Cipriani, Villa Sant’Andrea and Grand Hotel Timeo. Every wellness centre offers its own botanical ritual to create a unique experience linked to that specific place.

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