Marina Corazziari


Think about the Mediterranean Sea as a cradle of civilization, figure it as the lymph harmoniously combining colours, shapes and knowledge of different cultures. Imagine the red of the sunset and the gold of the desert diving into the blue of the sea.

Picture the ancient Greece marring the Bedouin world.

After Susanna Ongaro from Rome today we are talking about Marina Corazziari, an eclectic designer from Bari, powerfully creates her jewels through a magical synergy of natural and cultural forces: the sea harmoniously meets the sun. The row-cut stones match the precious metals.

The new ethnic style is mixed with the liberty, the baroque with the post-industrial, the east glows with the western design. Weft fabrics from Central Africa joyfully play with Byzantine symbols.

"Her creations are unique collectable pieces"

Marina Corazziari Jewels

Jewels: Marina Corazziari’s old-time queen

Made in Italy

After a bachelor degree in art and scenography, Marina became an exemplary art exhibition curator; besides that, she teaches History of the jewel in several fashion schools, working between Bari, Rome, Florence, Milan and Monte Carlo.

She hosted more than 200 exhibitions – almost all personal ones – in Italy and abroad: from the Grand Palais Museum in Paris, to Palazzo della Provincia in Bari and Palazzo della Signoria in Florence, just to name a few. She’s one of the only artists to exhibit at the University of Bari’s Frescoes Hall.

Her creations are unique collectable pieces, real artworks to wear, light sources perfect to illuminate the dark corners of a face or make a monastic look stand out. Whole coral, turquoise, topaz, ivory and aquamarine sets.

Jades, ambers and mother-of-pearls encrusted in silver and gold plates. They look like ancient queens jewels. A triumph of beauty, in which appearance and substance go hand in hand, nullifying the idea of “soulless beauty”.

Don’t call them just jewels!

You can contact Marina through her website or her social media pages. Otherwise, you can go and visit her in Bari (call +393478446967 for an appointment) in her new artistic atelier in Via Sparano, Isolato della Moda, to admire her latest creations coming from the itinerant exhibitions or have a look at the new fall collection.

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