Marina Princivalle’s jewels:Travel sculptures

Made in Italy

“In Sorso, Sardinia, water gushes madly from the Billellera source. Marina, which in a certain way was born from that water, began to engrave the hardest wood, chip stones and melt metals into excavated cavities to get rid of this spell. It was like a hand-to-hand with the most impenetrable matter, on which she leaved lasting and archaic traces of remote ancestors.

Today, more reasonably, Marina melts fantasy to realize small pourings on precious metals. She repeatedly and obstinately beats, carves and marks blades: the results are travel sculptures she calls jewels”, Enrico Parlato.

Through this beautiful introduction to MARINA PRINCIVALLE, architect, designer, half Sardinian and half Spanish, or better, half from Sorso and half from Madrid, with art in her family veins and a past as a ‘68 pasionaria, Enrico Parlato gives us a glimpse of Sardinia and its legends plus a clear, univocal picture of Marina’s works: TRAVEL SCULPTURES.

"Marina’s artefacts are objectively unique: small sculptures that give you an original touch when you wear them"

Made in Italy

Marina Princivalle’s jewels

Travel sculptures

The story goes that Sorso citizens are mad because they drink water flowing from the Billellera, a municipal fountain. Now, rightly or wrongly, a little bit of madness doesn’t hurt, if properly used. Even Steve Jobs affirmed that, speaking of the success formula. And if he said so…

Marina’s artefacts are objectively unique: small sculptures that give you an original touch when you wear them. Precious metals are combined with less noble ones, such as bronze, plus precious stones and ceramics. There’s something ancestral, strong, that doesn’t go unnoticed in her work.

Complete the offer with other items to give as gifts and unique pieces for the everyday life and… it’s done!

Bringing home an artefact carved by Marina is like taking away a piece of Sardinia wrapped with a Spanish mantilla.

Brava Marina!

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