Mario Luca Giusti: Home supplies, Florentine geniality!

Made in Italy

Mario Luca Giusti’s synthetic crystal

Do you love crystal pitchers, but you find them uncomfortable to bring to the table? Do you like ceramic plates, but you’re afraid to use them every day? Would you like to colour your table with elegance? Mario Luca Giusti has the answer, thanks to his line of très chic and light home accessories.

Mario Luca Giusti is born in an ancient Florentine family and grows up surrounded by world-renowned writers and artists. Used to beauty and culture, at the age of 16 he refines his style and elegance in the literary tailor’s shop of Germana Marucelli, great designer and promoter of Italian fashion.

Such good education lets him develop two distinct souls: the entrepreneur and the intellectual gentleman. Therefore, back to Florence, he successfully runs his family footwear company and founds a publishing house.

"Mario Luca Giusti’s products are perfect gifts"

Living & Design

Mario Luca Giusti: home accessories

Italian art

In 2007, with a coup de theatre, he opens his namesake company, selling practical and elegant household goods with a crystal look obtained from acrylic and a ceramic plates effect done with melamine.

All the collections are designed and conceived by our entrepreneur who enriches them every year with new models, in creative shapes and colours, ranging from white to black, from transparent to brighter tones, inspired by nature, landscapes and Italian art.

Mixing fusion and pop style, blending elegance with practicality, Mario Luca Giusti’s products are perfect gifts for a lady of the house who needs to renew her boring, monochrome tableware or a charmant gentleman on his dated and refined boat.

Available for sale on Mario’s website e and boutiques.

Bravo Mario Luca!

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