Maristella Bianco, Refined Footwear Made in Italy

Luxury and Practicality at Your Fingertips

After Rocco P. and his shoes made with love, we are still talking about shoes Made in Italy, today with designer and creator of the Maristella Bianco brand, Enrica Bianco.

I learned about Enrica Bianco on Instagram and I was immediately struck by the fashionable elegance as well as the practicality of her shoes. You will soon understand why… Today, while she is living in New York and dreaming of returning to Italy, I’m telling her story from Italy and introducing her first collection to the whole world.

The beautiful world of Maristella Bianco

Enrica Bianco was born in 1977 in Monsummano Terme, a town in the province of Tuscany. Her father and mother had a small shoe company, and she was raised in the middle of shoes and art. After her studies, Enrica began working in one of the best shoe manufacturers in the city. She learned how to make luxury shoes, and even was able to create shoes for celebrities at the Oscars.

Curious and intelligent, she understood that only by traveling and exploring other realities and markets could she uphold the meaning and the value of Made in Italy. She now lives in New York with her husband and two dogs, works as a freelancer for various American brands, and has fulfilled her dream: to design her own line of shoes.

“We Italians have something unique that is recognized and desired by the whole world.”

Enrica Bianco

In all of her shoe models, Enrica starts with design. She works in seasonal trends while always maintaining timeless Italian elegance. One of the defining features of her shoes is practicality: finishes like glitter are used on shapes that can easily be worn both at work and in the evening.

The models range from ballerina flats to pumps and are made either with stiletto heels or with more “stable” heels suitable for running frantically in the subway.

Maristella Bianco a world of a glittered ballerina and jeweled sandal

The Maristella Bianco line is on the cutting-edge of fashion trends. Enrica has created a new high-heeled moccasin, wonderfully decorated with painting. She also brings new life to classic styles such as the slingback (or so-called Chanel), the indispensable band sandal, the jeweled sandal, the city sandal, and the classic mule – her version lit up with glitter.

All of her shoes are Made in Italy, in the Marche region. They are created using only the highest quality materials and brought to life by expert craftsmen.

What can we say to this brave young woman?

Beautiful work Enrica! We’re all with you and your wonderful shoes.

The collection will be available starting February 1st on the London platform The Cherry Moon, a platform for luxury, emerging & independent brands.

What are you waiting for?

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