Marzia Di Sceglio Luxury Footwear

Elegance and Femininity Made in Italy

Ah shoes, endless love!

It is no coincidence that after Le Mastro and Rosso Venezia we return to the topic of footwear. Designed with the heart and produced with great craftsmanship, today we bring you the luxury shoes by Marzia Di Seglio.

A young and passionate designer, Marzia Di Seglio graduated from the Accademia del Lusso in Rome – the school of fashion and design that trains future style professionals. One year ago, at the age of 24, she created her own brand of Italian luxury footwear.

Marzia Di Sceglio Luxury Footwear: the real Made in Italy

Marzia Di Sceglio’s luxury shoes are elegant, feminine and glamorous. They are capable of inspiring emotion with every step. Each pair is a tribute to woman, their beauty and their strength.

Marzia sketches her designs at night, inspired by the reality of life around her. Sometimes these initial sketches become her final design, while other times she improves upon, or changes them later. It is important to her that her shoes carry a message of hope, positivity, and vitality.

“My shoes are designed for a woman with character, who loves to play and have fun with fashion; original, sometimes extravagant, who is not afraid to dare.”

Marzia Di Seglio

Marzia Di Seglio Luxury Footwear

Elegance and Femininity Made in Italy

She designs each model and Le Mastro, two skilled craftsmen who make luxury shoes by hand, handle her production.

Marzia Di Sceglio personally selects the high-quality hides and fine materials she uses from strictly Italian producers, paying meticulous attention to detail- an essential practice that helps emphasize her refined and modern footwear designs.

Even her packaging is special: each box has a unique greeting card dedicated to her customers.

Marzia Di Sceglio Luxury Footwear timeless passion

Her luxury shoes are collectible, timeless pieces that can be worn today, or in 20-30 years, because they will always be relevant and beyond the current trends of the moment.

Marzia, we wish you continued and well-deserved success … well done!

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