Massimiliano Toniol

Majolica for furnishings

Are you tired of the usual tiles? Would you like to renovate your home with something special?

Here’s the solution! We already wrote about space redefinition in a previous post. Now let’s talk about furnishings and design.

Massimiliano Toniol turned his passion for art and dreamlike atmospheres into a job: he designs and produces majolica for furnishings and dining sets with a peculiar decal technique.

Massimiliano was one of those kids always with the head in the clouds, looking out of the window during class, with a passion for drawing that soon became the means to share his fantastic universe – made of symbols and metaphors – with the rest of the world.

Thanks to the production design studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, he acquired a choral vision of design. Every object or project keeps a bond with the other, belonging to a common story told through his creations: balloons, enchanted forests, butterflies and flowers surrounding or highlighting objects and walls.

"Every object or project keeps a bond with the other."

Massimiliano Toniol

Massimiliano Toniol

Majolica for furnishings and dining sets

After collaborating with set designers of Raffaele Del Savio’s caliber as well as masters like Giancarlo Menotti and an experience in textile design with Mastro Raphaël di Spoleto (world-famous for quality and sophistication), in 2015 Massimiliano Toniol decided to become self-employed: he purchased some decals machines and gave life to his ceramic furniture company.

The ceramic (or third-fire) decal is executed by printing a drawing on a special transfer paper with digital technology. It requires a specific professional printer – patented in Italy and sold all over the world – which prints ceramic pigments only. The third-fire cooking makes the decoration indelible and unalterable in the long term, so this technique may be adopted on commonly used objects.

Thanks to Massimiliano you can customize your home ceramics and make every space unique. And don’t miss the dishes collection available on his website!

Bravo Massimiliano!

P.S. You can contact him through his website, here.

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