Matilde Argiolas

Made in Italy

Are you tired of the same, old table? Do you own some beautiful dining sets and want to renew them without having to re-buy everything?

MATILDE ARGIOLAS is here for you.

For over 25 years Matilde, one of the finest Italian porcelain decorator, has been inspired by antique fabrics, prints and classic décor, reinterpreting them with a bold use of COLOUR. A real HAUSMALER as she likes to be called, paraphrasing the German artists of the 18th Century that decorated porcelain on their own instead of working for manufactures.

Her unmistakable palette is the result of the COLOUR STUDIES she did on ancient European factories.
As in an alchemical transmutation, Matilde mixes different parts of coloured pigments and metal oxides. Their transformation during the burning process allows the most varied and specific colour shades, ensuring perfect matchings with tapestries, walls and rooms.

This traditional TECHNIQUE is called overglaze painting and is the most common one for porcelains since the 1700s: the low-temperature burning (between 720 and 800°C) allows to use any kind of colour and metal such as platinum, gold, silver and copper.

"Her porcelain items, strictly hand decorated, are UNIQUE in form and colour"

Matilde Argiolas

Matilde Argiolas

Made in Italy

The personality, exuberance and luster of these creations easily fit any place, whether classic or modern, minimalist or monochrome: they impose themselves with elegant and positive vibrations, transforming a repetitive routine into an exciting rite full of happiness and high spirit.

Before redecorating a room, Matilde carefully studies its shapes and colours combinations: that’s how she creates her new, exclusive patterns and accessories.

The TABLE-WEARS are generally linked to specific themes: Samurai, Geishas, Indians, Tulips, Elephants, Butterflies, Colours, Abstract Patterns, etc. However, some of them are inspired by the most classic topics in porcelain decoration: chinoiserie, potiches, gouaches, hunting scenes, floral subjects, portraits, monograms and coats of arms.

Each table-wear’s plate has a different decoration, unique in form and colour and NEVER REPEATED elsewhere.

So, if you need to RENEW YOUR TABLE for the next holidays and anniversaries, for a change of season or simply because you are sick of your old porcelains, it’s easy breezy: instead of discarding or stop using them, add some new decorations and tones and you’ll get a brand new art table.

Brava Matilde!


HERE you can have a look at her entire collection, but if you have special needs and want to reproduce a specific pattern or combine it with your new tapestry, write to or call +39.3396110799

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