Melidé: It’s easy to say T-shirt

Embroidered unisex T-shirt

T-shirt? Yes, sure.

The T-shirt is one of the most important items in our wardrobe and can be certainly considered a must have. Under the jacket or without it, as a pyjama with shorts in summertime and leggings in wintertime, it’s definitely the most Chic&LowCost thing in the world. It is no coincidence if KARL LAGERFELD declared: “You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans – it’s up to you”.

So which is the right T-shirt to take among infinity of choices? And, most important, how can we customize it and look different from the multitude of people wearing them? We have the answer and we’re sure that Lagerfeld would be proud of us!

MELIDÉ Yes, the answer is Melidé, an Italian brand of embroidered unisex T-shirt. Melidé is a project born of four young women in Rome, leading to the conquest of international markets.

ILARIA MELI, ALESSANDRA DELBONO, ZORANA MELICEVIC and LUDOVICA CERASTI, respectively creator, CEO, marketing manager and product manager.

Their idea is simple and like every simple thing it works well: express yourself by wearing (different) original graphics embroidered on high quality cotton T-shirts in beautiful vintage colours. Each design is made by Ilaria and you can have it in the basic, machine embroidered version or in the élite hand embroidered one. A mouth, an airplane, a boat, Saturn, a unicorn, a cat box, an hourglass, a magic wand, a bike, a fox, a Chihuahua and many others: each drawing is positioned in the centre of the model, below the neckline.

"Melidé, an Italian brand of embroidered unisex T-shirt"

Made in Italy

Melidé T-shirt

Made in Italy

The Melidé T-shirts have several pros.

QUALITY: the resistant and soft cotton doesn’t restrict after the first washing. SIZE: forget the skimpy T-shirts stressing your flaws; these models are smooth and comfortable to tuck in your jeans with a loose-fitting style. PERSONALITY: original embroideries make each T-shirt different, simple and gritty.

In conclusion, it’s a must-have with a strong personality. You can buy it HERE in five simple moves: 1 Choose 2 Find the graphic 3 Select the colour 4 Buy 5 Have fun…

Brave ragazze!

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