Moma Design - Personalized Bathroom Designs

Italian Custom Bathroom Solutions

We like to think of the bathroom as the most intimate place in the home, that like a SPA, is able to help you relax and regenerate. After talking about faucets with Zucchetti. Kos, today we are in Milan to explore bathroom decor with Moma Design, a brand founded in 2000 and inspired by the artistic flair and design sense of the architect Ignazio Di Masi.

The goal of Moma Design is to make your bathroom unique, made to measure, and of the highest quality materials and most beautiful aesthetic.

Moma Design, family and Made in Italy

Ignazio Di Masi, along with his son and daughter Edoardo and Ilaria, works directly with a team of designers and architects. They continually search for the latest generation of products and accessories to guarantee the optimum functionality of every single piece.

This is how the wonderful tailor-made solutions of Moma Design are born. They are based on a love for design, and always keep in mind the wellness of each person and the environment.

“Family and Made in Italy: the perfect combination that has made us world famous!”

Ignazio, Ilaria and Edoardo Di Masi.

Moma Design - Personalized Bathroom Designs

Custom Bathroom Solutions Made in Italy

Their collection includes sinks with linear shapes that blend into the surrounding decor, stream-lined cabinets, dreamy tubs like the Vitré Chaise Longue and the Boxtub, showers, shower heads, mirrors, and super-equipped hammams. They also obviously carry a complete line of bathroom accessories and toilets.

The materials are no less impressive than the design. Lacquers and paints that are free from heavy metals and wood comes from only selected species.

Moma Design Italian custom bathroom solutions

We have already talked about Corian Dupont surface materials with Franco Eccel. We find it fits wonderfully with the complex and unique shapes of Moma Design, and Stonage, a new generation of solid surface material whose color is guaranteed not to change over time.

Well done!

Let your imagination run wild by discovering the products on their website.

P.S. Recently, the architect Di Masi has created an exclusive and personal collection, DIMASI Bathroom. An innovative line, with clean contours, it is ideal for everyone who loves to be surrounded by beautiful design – even in the bathroom

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