Nobile 1942 an Italian Perfume

From the essence itself to the packaging - 100% Made in Italy

The Italian perfume.

After visiting Tuscany and the Profumi del Forte we are in Liguria, in Genoa, to smell the perfumes of Nobile 1942, an artisan workshop founded in 2005 by Massimo and Stefania Nobile. Life and business partners, they are true entrepreneurs of the perfume sector.

They have created a rich and luxurious collection, with options for every taste and sensibility.

The Nobile family has a carefully studied blend of expertise gained after years spent working in the big fashion houses mixed with their knowledge of the dynamics of the perfume market and understanding of the work of the “Noses,” the specialized technicians who create the fragrances.

We tried a few of their signature fragrances and discovered the discrete and delicately feminine Danza delle Libellule, a fragrance for women, and the strong yet sensual Rudis, for men. Next, we literally fell in love with Fougere, a fresh mix of lavender, bergamot, basil, and geranium – and a perfect perfume for him or for her. We also can’t leave out the classics Ponte Vecchio and Sandalo, which are divine.

All perfume comes in either a “traditionalNobile 1942 bottle or an Exclusive version, which encloses the bottle in a beautiful box of very high quality artisanship.

"We are one of the rare artisanal companies that produce at home and make the products by hand with care and dedication."

Massimo e Stefania Nobile

Nobile 1942

An Italian parfume

Nobile 1942 creates products made completely in Italy: from the essences and fragrances that make up the perfume, to the glass bottles, and packaging that holds it. Each perfume comes in a precious box, made in wood, leather, metal work and damask fabrics. Every component of their product is the result of careful and meticulous research and Italian artisanship.

There are no online sales options available at this time, however individual shipments can be arranged from their workshop in Genoa.

Additionally, with help from a Roman company Campo Marzio, which specializes in the commercialization of perfumes, Massimo and Stefania have founded Essential Italy, a point of sale in Monte Carlo.

The beauty of Nobile perfumes has literally blown us away and we are proud of the Italian story behind this artisan workshop. You can see the website here.

Nicoletta Fontana

Guest Editor Maria Laura Berlinguer

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