Armond, Outdoor Boots  Made in Italy

Shoes for Hiking, Hunting, and Mountain Climbing

January brings mountain weather and in the mountains, we need to stay safe and comfortable. So let’s talk about outdoor boots that are suitable for the most rigid climates and the most impervious terrains, that are artisanal and obviously Made in Italy. Today we are featuring Armond!

We are in Maser, a typical and welcoming village near Treviso in the Veneto region. It is an area rich in nature, churches, and Palladian villas. It is also where Consuelo Mazzarolo and her husband Fabio Cremasco manage Armond, a renowned footwear company. Founded in 1967 by Consuelo’s father, Armond produces a high-quality mountain, trekking, and hunting boots.

“With our shoes on your feet, every trail will be pleasant and safe.”

Consuelo Mazzarolo and Fabio Cremasco

Armond, Outdoor Boots Made in Italy

Shoes for Hiking, Hunting, and Mountain Climbing

Their production and processing are done exclusively in-house, except for a few details carried out in small local workshops.

A sample maker develops each model according to the specifications of Consuelo and Fabio. Their careful attention to the needs of their customers, as well as knowledge of their competitors, can be seen in their choice of structure and materials. In general, Armond uses only leather and applies some technical materials on top to surround the structure.

Outdoor booth Made in Italy

The leather used by Armond comes only from Italian tanneries, mainly located in Arzignano, another town in the Veneto region that produces leather goods and is famous for its car interiors.

They make customized footbeds for larger, thin or wide feet, and for those passing by Maser, there is also an outlet.

“Those who use our boots become attached to them, and do not want to get rid of them: we therefore replace worn out soles and our customers can wear them again.”

Consuelo Mazzarolo

Armond, Outdoor Boots Made in Italy

Shoes for Hiking, Hunting, and Mountain Climbing

The production of Armond boots reflects traditional Venetian processes, from the cutting of the leather to the application of the sole, and shaping of the boot. Each of these steps is carried out manually, one by one.

This is what tradition looks like!

And what can we say about Consuelo, Fabio, and Armando?

Well done!

You can look at all of the Armond styles on their website and contact them to choose your own wonderful outdoor boots.

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