Paola Falconi, art after the Mistral wind

Nature as infinite love

After Feofeo, today we bring you the story, technique and passions of another artist, Paola Falconi.

In Italy, our art has precise regional and ancestral meaning.

Paola Falconi, a Sardinian artist from Cagliari, portrays this visibly in her work.

Everything is reminiscent of Sardinia: its strengths and sweetness, its ability to endure and resist the power of the mistral wind, yet be molded by it at the same time, the way in which she works materials with gentle determination, the soft and feminine shapes of her sculptures, and the golden straw colored eyes and blue used in her paintings.

“I love working hard, and I like that a piece is well  thought out, with a strong concept behind it to share: only a strong concept can create art." 

Paola Falconi

Paola Falconi

Nature as infinite love

Paola Falconi studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and Carrara, and after getting married and having four children, she has reinvigorated her career as an artist.

Now she regularly participates in solo and collective exhibitions and has presented a monograph, “IN- Inspired by Nature”, and developed an app, which can be downloaded for free Android or IOS.

The monograph, a very thorough work done in collaboration with the curator Katyuscia Carta, has allowed her to express her artistic experience on paper.

"Art is also a way to move forward, and to overcome the sad things in life. It is an open door to a better world."

Paola Falconi

Paola Falconi loves illustrations and when planning sculptures, she begins with her sketches first: she picks them up again, carefully studying them to choose the materials she will use for the final piece.

She likes to tie her work to themes relating to life, motherhood, and joy. She creates soft, rounded shapes, that invite the viewer to feel calm, such as the sculptures Silenzio (Silence) and Quiete (Quiet).

I met with Paola Falconi in front of her sculpture the Maestrale (Mistral Wind), at the Artrooms Rome 2018 fair. Paola had been selected from among hundreds of artists from around the world to join the exhibition, and it was a great opportunity to see her work up close.

The Maestrale is a two-meter high sculpture of a group of trees bent by the Mistral, the prevailing wind in Sardinia. It is made of white fiberglass: fiberglass because it is the material used for boats, white because it is the color that expresses purity.

My art fulfills me” Paola told me.

And it shows … Great work Paola!

For current exhibitions and more information, you can follow Paola on her blog e and social media channels Facebook and Instagram.

Gallery: Paola Falconi