Paola Vanacore: everything starts with a fabric

Made in Italy

Each FABRIC has its own life: its colours speak, its weft moves. It proudly and solemnly goes to meet its fate. It always says what it wants to be, sometimes whispering, sometimes with a firm voice… You just have to listen.

PAOLA VANACORE has talent for finding the most unusual fabrics, hearing their voices and translating them into wonderful clothes.

Paola is not just a sweet friend, an elegant muse, a cultured and refined woman. After several years living around the world, she decided to create her own clothing line by using her precious fabrics collection: each of them becomes a wonderful dress, a UNIQUE piece, made just for you.

The real STAR of her ATELIER is the fabrics collection, which winks at contemporary textile creations made with an artisanal touch.

The FABRICS SALON is a space for dialogue between cultures and exchanges between fascinating traditions, with no borders or constraints. The only rule is UNIQUENESS: each fabric is unique and may be used for one creation only, that will never have sisters or rivals. Every corner of the room is dedicated to a specific range of materials: floral gardens made of coloured silk, glimpses of summer in turquoise taffeta, scent of spices in colourful velvets. PAOLA VANACORE prefers bright tones, without forgetting black, the real king of elegance. These vibrant shades bring you joy, energy and a bit of magic. They’re a dream for the eyes and a real pleasure to touch.

"Each of them becomes a wonderful dress, a UNIQUE piece, made just for you"

Paola Vanacore

Paola Vanacore Couture

Italian tailoring

Paola’s style is MODERN BAROQUE, where very contrast in materials and colours is possible and classic meets contemporary. Her fabrics always surprise you, sometimes are eccentric, sometimes just linear, but surely there’s one for every occasion: Chiffon Silk, Satin and Georgette, precious Organza, Brocades in every possible colour, Velvet, Damask, fine Lace, Wool, Linen and Cotton. All decorated with Jacquard, Dévoré, Embroideries and Sequins.

Paola is always trying something new, experimenting with customized prints to evoke travel memories or daily discoveries.

Every other word would be superfluous: pictures speak for themselves.

The FABRICS SALON is waiting for you in Spoleto, in an elegant 18thCentury Atelier, but you can also contact Paola through her website or follow her on Intagram. Her impalpable and precious fabrics will dance with you and for you.

Choose to be unique!

Brava Paola!

P.S. If you want to know her story, read my interview with Paola here.

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