Pasly: Ethical Jewelry Made in Italy

Ecological Jewelry Made from Nature in Italy

We feel the call of the earth in the most magical moment of creation, Spring! Let’s go back to the glittering world of jewelry with Pasqualina Tripodi, founder of Pasly, ethical jewelry Made in Italy.

We have seen with Matuta that precious things are not always precious for their choice of materials, but also for the work and concepts that go into making them. In the case of Pasly, whose jewelry is made of wood, stone, leaves, and berries: nothing is more precious than mother nature!

Pasly Ethical Jewelry

Pasqualina studied History and Art in Rome at La Sapienza University and subsequently completed a masters degree Jewelry Engineering at Politecnico di Torino. In 2013 she decided to return home to Calabria and start over, taking inspiration from her homeland.

Pasly has begun to develop a new form of jewelry by combining art, experimentation, nature, and agriculture. This is how the eco-sustainable jewel was born, as unique as nature itself.

“Loving and respecting nature, drawing inspiration and materials from her, combining them without ruining them, giving them precious dignity!”

Pasqualina Tripodi

Pasly: Ethical Jewelry Made in Italy

Ecological Jewelry Made from Nature in Italy

In the initial works, circle, triangle, rectangle… essential forms are blended and welded together to create small “primitive” and modern works.

Over time, the style has evolved, becoming even more complex and refined. This is true of the Luce collection, in which metallic colors, crystals, and natural elements are the protagonists, or in the case of the newest collection dedicated to the Italian Baroque.

Pasly Ethical Jewelry is the first agri-designer Made in Italy

Pasqualina’s mission is to create positive energy for those who live in places of natural beauty and to encourage them not to abandon the earth but to fight for it through the beauty and rediscovery of their roots…

She has also decided to cultivate the land and to produce some of the plants and flowers that are used in her beautiful jewels, making her the first Agri-Designer in Italy.

What to say to this brave woman with great ideals?

Beautiful work Pasqualina!!

You can find Pasly on her website.

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