Passion for organza

Organza dévoré

It was love at first sight with it: the harmony between delicate colour shades, its charming transparency, the weave lightness and its animalier touch, so appreciated by all women!

Polish burnout organza is like a cloud, expressing your personality while you wear it. You can be kind thanks to its softness or transgressive thanks to its transparency.

Burnout is a specific fabric processing, whose French name, dévoré, literally means “devoured”. It consists in a textile printing system, intended to eliminate/devour part of the fabric. At the end the background will be transparent, showing a pattern formed by “uneaten” fibres.

I was admiring this fabric when it told me, like it usually happens, what it wanted to be: I just had to get it and support its energy. That’s how I visualized the shirt of my dreams, featuring Gianfranco Ferrè’ volumes and Christian Dior’s narrow waist. I’m working on it: it will arise from fabric soon.

Organza sounds like a lady name. But what is it? Where does it come from? It’s a subtle and elegant silk, which gives grace and gentleness to every outfit. It arrived in Europe during the 13th century from Urgench, a city in Central Asia. Every woman with beauty sensitive eyes quickly fall in love with it.

It currently peeks out from runways around the world and winks at every girl seduced by its charm of transparent veil, caressing skin and clothes.

Paola Vanacore