Place Italia, Technology Meets Sartorial Art

The Future of Tailor-Made Fashion Has Arrived

The Italian tailor has always been a true master of life, able to spread our culture and style through their craft. In fact, Italian tailoring is famous all over the world for it’s quality and refinement.

From North to South, including the Islands, Italy is dotted with famous and not so famous tailors. They represent Italian expertise and carry the banner of Made in Italy throughout the world.

Place Italia The Future of Italian Tailor-Made

But, how can Italian tailoring be adapted to customers expectations of a speedy delivery without losing it’s high-quality manufacturing?

The solution comes from two forward-looking, young entrepreneurs, Gualtiero Garavaglia, and Fabio Albizzati. In Milan, in their Place Italia, the customer becomes the protagonist of new and extraordinary shopping experience: custom tailored garments in half the time, and the possibility of buying at any time and from any device.

“Combining technology and craftsmanship does not detract from the charm of the tailor-made, instead, it is a very powerful tool!”

Gualtiero Garavaglia and Fabio Albizzati

Place Italia, Technology Meets Sartorial Art

The Future of Tailor-Made Fashion Has Arrived

Through the use of a 3D body scan and interactive 3D rendering, the customer becomes co-creator of his outfit.

In the Milan sales point, with the help of a personal shopper and around twenty sensors and cameras, 110 measurements are taken in a second and a half. At the exit of the dressing room, fabrics are chosen from a selection of 180 samples and then on a 50-inch touch screen, the customer can have fun trying out various options to create his perfect outfit.

Place Italia, Tailor-Made Fashion and customizable accessories

Gualtiero and Federico have also expanded the platform to include the possibility of selling customizable accessories, thanks to Federico Chiorino, founder of  Zani del Frà.

And that’s not all! Thanks to the nature of the technological platform, the consumer can continue his online experience at any time and from any device, easily configuring and ordering his outfit, from wherever he is.

A great stride forward for tailor-made and Italian style in the world! Great Work!

You can find Place Italia in Milano, Vercelli 51, and on the website!

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