Portraits by Laura Aprile

The femininity painter

If she were a fabric, she would surely be a fine, soft and sinuous velvet.
If she were a season, she would be summer, with its fiery sunsets and scents of the sea.
If she were a matter, she would certainly be lava.

But lucky for us, she’s a painter and she brings all these elements into her portraits.

Her name is Laura Aprile..

After Dario Carratta we we continue to talk about art

“When you portray someone, you express a need to belong” she says “it’s not just a choice, it’s an inclination. A portrait goes far beyond a simple perception, it’s a sort of transfer that has nothing to do with the basic will of representation”.

For Laura every portrait is a journey, a psychological adventure that creates a strong bond, sympathy and desire to connect with the most hidden side of a subjects. When she gets it, she knows it’ll be a real success. A portrait is an act of extreme confidence; you rely on a stranger just saying: “Here I am, I’m naked!”.

Her women are wonderfully soft, warm and sensual. Laura Aprile is able to capture and represent those rare moments of intense female intimacy in which we’re away from prying eyes and look into the depths of our soul in front of a mirror, a bed or an armchair. She portrays men, too, but women let her better express herself.

"It goes far beyond a simple perception: portraying is an inclination."

Laura Aprile

Portraits by Laura Aprile

Feminine and sensual portraits

At a technical level, her journey always starts with a picture: she likes to photograph the people she portrays and does it with care, after accurate researches. She’s not interested in stereotyped poses: she wants to grasp the soul of each subjects.

All her portraits are full-size. “Little figures scare me”, Laura says firmly, “big ones satisfy that sense of eternity so difficult to trace with words.”

When it’s finished, her work acquires a sort of individuality and leaving it doesn’t seem so painful, but until then, she’s definitely obsessed with it: she lives for her paintings, dedicating them all her time. Of course, she’s excited to see her art in a different place or after a long time, but it’s a detached feeling. That specific work doesn’t belong to her anymore, it’s already elsewhere.

Laura Aprile is as beautiful as her portraits, sensual like the women she immortalizes with determined and feminine lines, soft and precious like the fabrics used to wrap them. She dreams of being surrounded by beauty, but there’s no doubt that beauty, the real one, is in the artworks she gifts us every day.

Brava Laura!

P.S. If you want to be portrayed by Laura, contact her through her website

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