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Delicious dresses

After the wonderful knitwear by Romina Caponi we want to introduce you to a dreamer yet grounded woman, a true creative talent: that’s the only way to present Raffaella Ranzini, creator and soul of Elisa-Fo.r.ever.is.love.

Raffaella’s story sounds like a fairy tale.

Born in Milan, with a medical-scientific background but an artist’s heart, she has always been fascinated by that incredible fabric called tulle. Everything comes from her desire to wear a skirt that could remind the most dreamy item of clothing for every girl: the ballerina’s tutu!

Since it wasn’t possible to find anything in the shops close to her idea, she decided to draw and make the first models on her own: the results are incredible clouds in delicate colours and available in any length, perfect to wear with any kind of shoe, from the elegant high heels to the studded bikers boots, and under any top.

"We need poetry, art, beauty and great dreams to face life with hope!"

Raffaella Ranzini

Elisa Fo.R.ever.is.love

Incredible clouds in delicate colours

After the launch of the tulle garments – ahead of many big fashion chains – and encouraged by those who have always believed in her and to whom she dedicated the name of her company, Raffaella started to make silk blouses in delicate pastel colours, soft wool sweaters, skirts and sweaters enriched by light feathers, long floral dresses perfect for any summer occasion and unconventional wedding dresses.

Fo.R.ever.is.love e-commerce is an emotional gallery. It’s romanticism made website.

Every detail is carefully chosen. Raffaella is the creative soul of the brand. She finds and sometimes designs by herself the fabrics, supported by skilled talents and craftsmen: a seamstress for every fabric, a knitter for every kind of wool, an experienced model designer for any creative idea.

Everything, including buttons and sewing threads, is strictly Made in Italy.

Good things deserve to be shared… my clothes are part of me and it’s a privilege to know that other people may appreciate them, too“. Get ready to be charmed by her posts: not only they express the quality of these creations, but also an incredible ability to make you part of her kind and refined world.

Brava Raffaella!

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