Raffaello Sky: The art of hospitality in a house bordering the sky

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Rome, late afternoon, a district outlying Vatican City, a quiet street full of green spaces just a few steps from St. Peter station.

A smiling lady opens the door: she’s Catharine, born in Vienna but Italian by adoption. Her place is a peaceful oasis, free from the typical traffic noises of the city. Here, inside a building in Via del Lago Terrione, there are ten apartments ready to host travellers and globetrotters. I’m very impressed by the penthouse, but first of all by Cathy – as friends call her – by her kindness and cheerful disposition.

Big portals’ numbers are nothing compared to the charm and hosting talent of this lovely Austrian in Rome when she opens the door of her holiday house.

"Catharine, her daughter Francesca and their labrador will transform your vacation in a joyful time full of relax and familiar warmth"

Raffaello Sky Rome

An 80 square meters apartment surrounded by additional 300 square metres of terrace. Almost 360° of clear Roman sky, delimited by the unmistakable silhouettes of St. Peter’s Church and Vatican palaces. An impressive lightness, even for the Roman standards. A terrace like this is a rarity, especially for a holiday house.

The house looks like a loft, but the two bedrooms are separated from the main building and from the two bathrooms, one equipped with a bathtub and the other one with a shower. The living room and the large kitchen with a fully-loaded island turn this place into a New York interior, until the windows’ Dome view brings us back to the pleasant reality.

If this is not enough to make you fall in love with the location.. let me introduce you to Cathy! She’s the real soul of this beautiful apartment, the unquestioned queen of the building and a very sweet host. Each guest is special for her and gets all her attention. From the breakfast prepared in the refrigerator, to the tips on how and what to do in the city, personalized with particular attention to each home country. The result is a real tailor-made holiday!

Catharine, her daughter Francesca and their labrador will transform your vacation in a joyful time full of relax and familiar warmth.

This time you don’t need the numbers, but we need you to come!

Brava Cathy!

HERE is her website.

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