Red Lips: how to apply

5 SECRETS + 1 TIP on applying red lipstick

Daniela Maio, Make up Artist, reveals us five moves to apply red lipstick and choose the best one for your incarnate.

Let’s dispel the myth of vulgarity that has accompanied red lipstick for years:

“Red lipstick is not vulgar! If a woman is vulgar, that doesn’t change when she’s not wearing red lipstick! ” This is what master of makeup Diego Dalla Palma affirmed during the “Diego for you on Tour” event, where I had the honour to work as a Make up Artist.

How to apply red lipstick? Here are 5 essential steps.

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1 Apply a simple neutral LIP BALM at least 5 minutes before you start, so that lip pencil will be more fluent.

2 Choose a LIP PENCIL in the same shade of red of your lipstick. For thin lips avoid too dark colours. You can redraw them disconnecting from the natural contour of approximately 1 mm. If you have big lips, you can choose any kind of red, preferably mat tones. When you finish with the contour, continue filling all the lips with the pencil. It will give a permanent sealing to the lipstick.

3 Choose the shade of RED LIPSTICK basing on your skin tone:

Light skin: bright red

Medium skin: orange red

Olive/brown skin: strong red, medium or dark

Apply the lipstick starting from the centre of your lips; I recommend using a lip brush. In this way the makeup will be perfectly applied and you will be able to reach the most difficult points like the mouth’s corners.

4 For a long-lasting effect, FIX the lipstick: put a Kleenex on your lips (peel the Kleenex off in order to obtain a single veil) and dab with a free loose powder on a medium brush. Then reapply the pencil and lipstick.

5 Create a LIGHT POINT applying a gloss just on the lower central area of your lips.

FINAL TIP: if you want to emphasize and add volume to your lips, apply a CLEAR CORRECTOR PENCIL on the Cupid’s bow (the upper central part of your mouth) and just beyond the lips contour. Then blend with a brush.

In my personal Make Up Artist experience, both pencils and lipsticks by Diego Dalla Palma are excellent; otherwise MAC, Make Up Forever and Armani red lipsticks are valid alternatives.

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Daniela Maio Make Up Artist