Remondini - 1928 Finishing Made in Italy

Why are Italian houses so beautiful?

Italian houses are so beautiful, and materials and marbles used in them, and Made in Italy, are the best in the world!

But how do you go from raw marble slabs to the beautiful floor tile pictured here?

The company we are learning about today has the answer.

After Le Sorelle Martini, I want to introduce you to another family run business: Remondini – 1928. Founded by Giuseppe Remondini, it is now managed by his niece Mara and her husband Giuseppe Silva and son Agostino.

It is located in one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy: Castell’Arquato near Piacenza.

The company specializes in custom made finishing, and in researching and processing raw materials, as well as mastering the techniques needed for their correct installation.

Inlay floors with polychrome or precious wood, stones that look like fabrics, artistic ceramics and precious mosaics cannot be installed by just anyone.

"Our work is to find the right material (for our client) in the immense artisan heritage of Italian made products.”

Agostino Silva

Remondini - 1928, Finishing Made in Italy

From raw marble slabs to the beautiful floor.

Their clients are designers, stylists, architects, and private individuals.

The process of designing custom solutions for their clients involves multiple meetings, detailed listening, and research on materials, essences, colors, and sometimes even smells.

The finished products are carefully curated, chosen by Remondini-1928 from the immense cultural heritage and artisan history of Italy.

The materials are almost all natural. They use stone, wood, terracotta, clay and artistic ceramics.

Constant research and innovative new solutions have helped Remondini – 1928 enter into the nautical sports and Yacht market, where they offer elegant and refined materials that are performance tested, functional and responsive to the needs of these exclusive boats.

The work of the company is invaluable, selecting only materials and processes that can combine technical performance and innovative systems, they also respect sustainable projects and green building.

Well-done Remondini!

The photos speak for themselves…

P.S. You can contact them through their website!

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