Romina Caponi

Luxury Italian knitwear

Autumn is here, with its warm colours, the first enjoyable crisp days, the sky and plants tinged with red, yellow orange.

What can we wear?

After Cettina Bucca and her fall/winter collection, it’s time for another talented Italian woman who designs luxury knitwear and has a very personal (and right) idea of fashion and entrepreneurship in Italy: Romina Caponi.

16R is the new brand of luxury Italian knitwear created by designer Romina Caponi. After years of experience with major Italian fashion brands, Romina founded her own company and is now ready to challenge internationally homologised fashion with the support and experience of a family-run knitwear factory.

Romina Caponi doesn’t like to think in terms of specific “seasons”: 16R is addressed to a contemporary globetrotter woman. A woman wearing special garments not simply because they come from the latest collections, but because they are made with care and unique materials. Garments which can’t be mass-produced.

“I like to create unique garments which can’t be mass-produced.”

Romina Caponi

Romina Caponi: luxury Italian knitwear

A multi-dimensional product combining industrial techniques with pure Italian craftsmanship

We love so much her faux fur: Italian yarns (merinos, wool and cashmere) from the Prato area, interwoven with many small fringes mounted one to one, with a silk lining and explosive colours (from red to fuchsia passing through black).

And we love to see how Romina Caponi works on the territory, creating a widespread industry: not only through the family-run knitwear factory, but also through the many labs she uses to produce her collections, spread around the territory. From small family businesses with five-six people to home-made workers essential to finish, wrap and knit this luxury Italian knitwear.

Look at it: it almost seems to touch a multi-dimensional product combining industrial techniques with pure Italian craftsmanship.

If that’s not Made in Italy

Brava Romina!

P.S. If you want to buy her models, you can visit the family store, Maglificio Caponi, in via Trento 46, 50028 San Miniato (Pisa) or order them from the website. The price of a fur varies between 800 and 1300 Euros.

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