Anastasia Buchinskaya Made in Italy

Very chic scarves

Grace Kelly, Caroline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn. Dark glasses, spider cars and class. Scarves are classic, iconic, timeless, a true symbol of elegance.

In Milan, a young Muscovite created TEFFY a brand of beautiful and very, very chic scarves.

Anastasia Buchinskaya, illustrator and fashion designer, gets a scholarship in fashion management at Domus Academy in Milan in 2012. She falls in love with Italy as soon as she sees and touches with her hands the art and paintings studied in Moscow. Permanently settled in the Bel Paese in 2015, she puts into practice the Domus Academy lessons, developing the Teffy project from A to Z.

"A silk accessories brand that inspires elegance in everyday life. Proudly made in Italy"


Anastasia Buchinskaya: Teffy Scarves

Art, Modernity and Quality

Teffy encompasses art, modernity and quality: a mix that gave birth to the limited collection of natural silk scarves that you can partially see here; it’s called KALEIDOSCOPIO and it represents the brand’s first project.

It matches a selection of the best white silk from Como with digital prints and brilliant, colourful fantasies. This refined procedure culminates in the final process that simultaneously offers high softness to the fabric and ensures longevity to the colours.

The brand’s name is a tribute to another Buchinskaya: the writer and poetess Nadezhda Alexandrovna Buchinskaya (Saint Petersburg 1872 -1952), whose pen name was Teffy.

In the gentle tones, patterns and first final scarves made by Anastasia you can recognize the passion for art, familiarity with history and strength of a generation ready to challenge the world with new ideas and courage.

Brava Ananstasia!

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