Segmento Magazine "Made in Italy" in Australia

Daniele Curto founder of Segmento Magazine

Did you know that Italians living abroad make Italy great?

That is why with the I love Italy column I go around the world in search of Italians who are making our style known, and tell you their story.

After the beauty salon of Massimo Quartararo in Washington D.C., we move to Australia, to meet Daniele Curto, founder, and publisher of Segmento Magazine, a magazine dedicated to Italian culture in the continent.

Despite the fact that Australia has relatively restrictive immigration policies, the Italian community has been able to establish itself there and thrive.

Daniele Curto is part of that community, but is originally from Rome. He graduated from “La Sapienza” University with a degree in Literature and Cinema, and following his passion for the visual arts, has worked as a Free-Lance photographer, Journalist, Assistant Television Cameramen, Film Programmer and Projectionist. It was after meeting his Australian wife in Italy that he moved to Melbourne and started Segmento.

His background in the humanities, experience as a photographer and journalist, and desire to create a bond with his homeland, gave Daniele the inspiration to found Segmento Magazine. It is the first magazine featuring Italians in Australia, and it is written in English.

"Italian style is not confined to Italy - it also flourishes in the successes of people who bring Italian culture to the world!"

Daniele Curto founder of Segmento Magazine

With Segmento Magazine, Daniele Curto tells the stories of Italians in Australia. He shares the stories of people, many of them of humble origins, which make Italy and Australia great.

Stories of men and women who have founded businesses and multinational companies, and of talented young people embarking on entrepreneurial and artistic activities.

Segmento Magazine is beautiful and elegantly depicts the link between Italian roots and the multiethnic culture of Australia.

The content ranges from articles on Italian food and wine to pieces on lifestyle, art, and culture, current events, and photographic reports.

Daniele Curto uses Segmento Magazine to celebrate Italian history in Australia, give voice to Italian immigrants, and educate Australians about the Italian community and the integration of other cultures into the fabric of Australian national identity.

Bravo Daniele!

You can follow Segmento via their online magazine,  Instagram and Faceboook.

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