Serena Fanara Sustainable Design

Ecological materials and new technologies to furnish our homes

Design is an integral part of being Made in Italy and it has made Italians famous all over the world.

The great designers of the last century were intellectuals who relied on engineers and model makers to translate their ideas into reality. The new generation of designers, on the other hand, has a great mastery of modern technologies and produces and markets their own products while thoughtfully considering environmental and sustainability factors.

After Jokfil Italian Luxury Bike Design, I’m happy to tell you about young designer and architect, Serana Fanara.

Born and raised in Sicily, Serena Fanara studied in Florence and now works in Milan in innovative and sustainable design.

In 2015, Serena founded her brand SeFa, and began creating Desert Lights- sculptural lamps inspired by succulents.

Every light is made using innovative, non –toxic and eco-friendly materials.

"The SeFa brand combines traditional and digital craftsmanship in a distinctive and creative way."

Serena Fanara

Serena Fanara Sustainable Design

Ecological materials and new technologies to furnish our homes

Serena Fanara’s Desert Lights are a mix between high-quality Italian craftsmanship, new technologies, and 100% natural materials; they are printed in 3D and finished by hand, and customers can choose various colors and customize finishes.

Serena Fanara uses a vegetable plastic made from soy and corn-based food waste and a very sticky polylactic acid that has no chemical additives and is also biodegradable. It can be thrown directly into the compost and biodegrades at the same rate as wood.

The lamp series is based on 5 different plant styles. Each style is available as an indoor/outdoor table, wall/ceiling, or suspension lamp. Each lamp also includes a certificate of ownership and unique serial number.

In addition to Desert Lights, Serena also designs unique pieces of furniture and creates beautiful installations that illuminate all types of spaces.

Surrounding ourselves with eco-friendly design is a valuable contribution to taking care of our world.

Great work Serena!

P.S. You can find Gianna Tedeschini on her website

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