Sistema Comfort, Renew your old mattress with one of these covers

Sistema Comfort Fratelli Grilli


ARE YOU STILL DISSATISFIED with your mattress, despite all the money you spent? Is it too HARD and UNCOMFORTABLE? Did your memory model LOSE CONSISTENCY? Or is it TOO SOFT and YIELDING? Are you SENSITIVE TO THE COLD and uncomfortable with your bed? Do you live near the sea or in a DAMP place? Are your PARTNER’S NEEDS DIFFERENT than yours?

DON’T LOSE MORE TIME AND MONEY. You can find the perfect solution for you thanks to a Roman company with a great tradition in the furniture field.

Sleeping well is important and a good mattress is surely a key factor. Choosing the right model is neither easy nor cheap and it’s difficult to satisfy both partners at the same time. That’s the reason why FRATELLI GRILLI, a furniture factory born in 1903, created SISTEMA COMFORT, a cotton mattress COVER with different solutions for any taste and any weight.

"The cover is removable, machine washable and can be vacuum-packed for an easy transport and shipping"

Sistema Comfort Fratelli Grilli

Sistema Comfort

Different solutions for any taste and any weight

Perfectly fitting on any bed, this cover allows you to change the quality of your sleep with a simple gesture. It may be put on as a sheet, thanks to its stretch corners, or secured to the mattress using its four rubber bands.

The cover is removable, machine washable and can be vacuum-packed for an easy transport and shipping.


  • MEMORY if your mattress is hard and uncomfortable, or if your memory model has lost consistency;
  • COMPATTA if your mattress is too soft and yielding;
  • ECO if you are very sensitive to cold;
  • COCCO if you live near the sea or in a humid place;
  • COMPONIBILE if the weight differences between you and your partner lead to different sleeping needs. TO EACH HIS OWN!


FRATELLI GRILLI is a family business in the furniture field born in 1900: from the founder, grandmother Angelina, to the sons Tullio and Italo and the grandchildren Giampaolo and Giacomo.

Their production started more than 100 years ago with advanced electrical machines. They opened their first store in 1903 in Piazza Vittorio, commercial heart of the Capital, while their huge showroom in Via Cristoforo Colombo was inaugurated in the 70s: it’s called Habitat and is still one of the biggest furniture stores among Europe.

SISTEMA COMFORT is a real breakthrough in the Italian affordable furniture field, mistreated by the arrival of multinational corporations. It’s an example of how a brilliant and cutting-edge idea, born in tough times, may help to relaunch the Made in Italy in our everyday life.

It’s useless to buy Italian clothes and accessories if we still sleep on Swedish beds.

Bravi Grilli!

P.S. For further information, visit the historic store in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II 120-122 / 127-128 00100, Rome (Italy)


Phone +39064467199 / +39064467188

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