Soutache Jewelry by Stefania Cambule

CAMS: fiber jewelry

Are you familiar with Soutache Jewelry and its particular history?

After the style of Susanna Ongaro, we want to introduce you to Soutache Jewelry by Stefania Cambule, a Sardinian by birth, but a Tuscan by choice.

Soutache is an ancient technique used to make wonderful fiber based jewelry.

Among the various definitions published on the web, that given by is probably the best. The word soutache is French and derives from the Hungarian word sujutas, which means braid.

Soutache was used to decorate the sumptuous clothes of the Tsars, as well as fabric furnishings, draperies and military uniforms where it was used to indicate rank. It is a braided band of silk or wool woven with a technique that allows precious stones to be embedded between the colored ribbons.

“My Soutache is reminiscent of my home in Sardinia; the shells, sea water and sun!”

Stefania Cambule

Soutache Jewelry by Stefania Cambule

CAMS: fiber jewelry

Stefania Cambule, classically trained and passionate about art and its countless expressions, specializes in traditional and digital graphic arts. For several years she has been devoted to producing Soutache jewelry with her brand: CAMS.

Stefania discovered Soutache Jewelry on accident through the work Dori Csengeri, an Israeli jewelry designer who popularized it in the world of Haute Couture.

She in turn made it her own, and the shapes of her jewelry recall the shells, the marine plants, the seawater and the colors of her homeland: Sardinia.

Stefania Cambule has now lived in Florence for over 20 years. With the success she has had so far with her Soutache jewelry, she hopes to focus on it full time in 2018.

She is very serious about this goal and, as she says, “change is good for the spirit.” … We are convinced!

Great job Stefania!

P.S. You can contact her on Instagram or Facebook page.