stileItaliano Eyeglasses Artisanal Eyewear Made in italy

Italian design in the world of eyewear

We talked about Italian design with Elisabetta Bonuccelli’s paper products and the glass designs of Silvia Finiels. Today we are excited to bring you Italian design in the world of eyewear: stileItaliano Eyeglasses Artisanal eyewear Made in Italy

In Mergozzo, a small town in the Piedmont region of Italy that lies on the shores of the enchanting Lake Maggiore, a young Italian company designs and manufactures eyeglasses and sunglasses. Their name is stileItaliano but who is behind the brand?

stileItaliano Eyeglasses built with Italian passion

Patrycja Celer and Andrea Lamorte are the founders of stileItaliano, and they built the brand uniting their passion, skills, good taste, and willingness to take a chance- the perfect “creative mix” for success.

The names of their eyeglass models are inspired by elements of nature and of the lake and mountain terrain around them, as well as from elements of their imagination and the daily life of children and young people. But nature alone is not enough: stileItaliano eyewear are brought to life because of the union of this inspiration with experience and skilled craftsmanship.

"Our goal is to create a unique handmade product, with quality materials, inspired by the insightful experiences that our region is able to offer."

Patrycja Celer e Andrea Lamorte

stileItaliano Eyeglasses

The glasses are then produced exclusively in Italy in artisan workshops.

To make their glasses, Andrea and Patrycja start from a simple sketch on paper. They then transform the sketch into a technical drawing, and finally a prototype. At this point, it is important to evaluate all of the fundamental technical elements that create a quality product such as the dimensions, thickness, and support structure.

After the technical structure, they move to the aesthetic factor. Line and color are critical details that help define the style of the StileItaliano eyewear!

No less important than design, however, is the careful selection of materials. Their glasses are made using cellulose acetate, a 100% natural and hypoallergenic product, which they source from the producer Mazzucchelli- the world leader in the sector.

stileItaliano Eyeglasses are then produced exclusively in Italy in artisan workshops.

stileItaliano has four collections of glasses to choose from School, Young, Adult, and SunGlasses.

What can we say… beautiful work!

You can find stileItaliano Eyeglasses on their website as well as social media.

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