Susanna Ongaro: jewellery over time

Made in Italy

It’s easy to talk about noble metals and less noble metals. What do you think is worth more, an opulent collier or a small Fabergé egg?

We believe that the painstaking manual work that goes into creating jewellery makes a significant contribution. Attention, study, research and experimentation are the truly noble elements of this ancient art which has always distinguished the creations of the master goldsmiths from jewellery which is ornate but lacking in elegance.

Susanna Ongaro is a designer who has based the fruits of her labour on the study of techniques using ancient instruments like the burin, the chisel and hot enamels, and uses them in contemporary experimentation.

After her artistic training as an engraver at the Printing Institute, Susanna Ongaro immediately found work in one of the most important goldsmith workshops in the capital; here, under the watchful eye of two masters, she was able to develop her talents and learn all the metalworking techniques.

"The secrets of the masters must be handed down"

Susanna Ongaro

Susanna Ongaro

Beautiful jewellery

Today Susanna designs and creates beautiful jewellery that amazes and excites with its refined execution and modern dynamic design.

The Righe series is one of her favourites: elegant rings and bracelets that envelop the body and accompany its movements. I love the Omini series: bodies with tensed, contracted, elastic muscles emerge from the metals and take the stage, not content to be just an ornament. Susanna’s contemporary dance training is evident. Only a ballerina possesses an awareness of her body which she is able to make supple and harmonic. The rings are superb. Also noteworthy is the use of fabric and wire mesh produced in Italy which she uses to invent original bracelets. This particular material made of very fine copper or steel wire creates waves that are as soft as fabric but as firm as sculpture.

Susanna re-invents the noble goldsmith’s art, with the emphasis on research and innovation, essential characteristics for modern-day designers.

Well done Susanna!

You can find her work in Rome at Cristina Perali in via dei Banchi Vecchi 60, at PerPiacere in viale de Coubertein 22, Bottega Orafa Viale Aventino 42 and at Alternatives Via della Chiesa Nuova 10.

Or if you wish to talk to her about a personal idea, you can write to her at or telephone her on +393669428900.

You can visit her website HERE

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