Subiaco, a story indissolubly connected to the paper

The rebirth of Subiaco restarts with the paper hand-crafted

Matera, the Sassi and the Murgia Materana Park.

Matera is magnetic, fascinating, astonishing, and above all unique!

“Made in Italy” in Australia

Segmento Magazine, a magazine dedicated to Italian culture in Australia.

Visitors to Salento searching for the true taste of Italy

The Awaiting Table Cookery School, a school teaching the Salento cuisine,…

Massimo Quartararo From Jazz Musician to Hairdresser

Massimo Quartararo Hairdresser - Made in Italy in Washington D.C.

Claudia Casu, Sardinian cuisine in Tokyo

Another ambassadress of the Italian cooking school abroad: Claudia Casu.

Artisanal Cornucopia: a salon parlour shop like the olden days

Artisanal Cornucopia, concept stores in Rome where artisans get to tell their…

Sladana Krstic loves Italy

Sladana Krstic, the “Made in Italy” Croatian designer

Rosa Mariotti, Italian cuisine in Hawaii

Rosa Mariotti runs a cooking school in Hawaii. She makes ravioli, sweets, pasta…