The jewel handcrafted in Valenza and the Made in Italy tradition

Let the journey in the artisan workshops of Valenza get started!

Bijoux Dell’Anno Costume Jewelery Made in Italy

Quality Neapolitan Jewelry

Carlo Zini: The Great Italian Jeweler

Carlo Zini, the most beautiful bijoux in the world

Pasly: Ethical Jewelry Made in Italy

Pasly Ethical Jewelry from nature

Chiara Zanetti Leather Jewelry

Chiara Zanetti Leather Jewelry

The propitiatory goldsmith art of Abruzzo

The Presentosa and other symbols of the Abruzzo identity. The goldsmith school…

Matuta Gioielli Jewelry Made in Italy

Matuta Jewelry Made in Italy

Bea Bongiasca: Jewelry Made in Italy

Bea Bongiasca Jewelry Made in Italy!

Castronuovo Jewels, Italian Jewelry that Inspires

Castronovo Jewels Made in Italy: goldsmith artisans, creators of emotions since…

Soutache Jewelry by Stefania Cambule

Soutache Jewelry by Stefania Cambule is made with love!

Jewels: Marina Corazziari’s old-time queen

Marina Corazziari, an eclectic designer from Bari, powerfully creates her…

Marina Princivalle’s jewels: Travel sculptures

Today, more reasonably, Marina melts fantasy to realize small pourings on…

Sicily of fury: bags and accessories!

Alessandra Bajardi and Monica Arrigoni create accessories since 2009,…

Rings: so many things in such a small thing

A ring is also a nice gift, to join the bunch of clothes everybody buys.…

FRANCO ECCEL: Contemporary jewellery and much more!

Have you ever thought of wearing interior design? In Italy there’s an…

Anna Fornari jewels, art, craft and design

Anna Fornari is a goldsmith, artist and designer that expresses feelings and…

Behind the scenes: high fashion accessories, Aniello Galderisi

Born on high fashion dresses, they complete them as a natural extension of…

Imagine: Bijoux on the Roman rooftops

Maria Vittoria Impelluso and Susi Pastore, linked by their passion for art,…