The textile design of Caterina Quartana

Decorate with Made in Italy fabrics from Sardinia

Do you know that textile design is one of the most important elements in furnishing?

We talked about it in the post furnishing with style: to add interest and revitalize a space, you have to play with a variety of textures and patterns within your chosen color scheme.

Furnishing with fabrics is also a low-cost way to change your decor. The British call it ‘soft furnishing‘- the art of changing the appearance of your home without spending a fortune.

Furnishing with fabrics is also a low-cost way to change your decor.

Today we tell you the story of a young woman in Sardinia who has created a lifestyle and profession with art and textile design: Caterina Quartana.

Her sophisticated and unique textiles, elaborate on the principles of design and craftsmanship and incorporate both painting and weaving on manual looms. Her furnishing fabrics evoke old-fashioned techniques, however, through the innovative reworking of the weaves structure.

"I interpret the Sardinian textile tradition by making it dialogue with the avant-garde and with the material itself."

Caterina Quartana

The textile design of Caterina Quartana

Furnishing fabric Made in Italy

Our island, Sardinia, its culture, folk tales, and colorful nature, are always sources of inspiration. In the designs of Caterina Quartana, folklore and tradition are tempered by the international culture that she has acquired during her travels around the world.

Her furnishing fabric is a sign of a refined and researched innovation, showcased in an array of furnishing accessories, accessories for him and her, curtains, and made-to-measure furniture covers.

Her production processes are not designed to be industrial but are artisanal through and through. They are the work of someone who loves their job and who understands their customer.

Whoever chooses the textile design of Caterina will know that they have received something special, made just for them!

Well done Caterina!

Her atelier is in Cagliari. Check out her website or visit her in person!