Timeless BLACK & WHITE

Passion for organza

Black and White: an everlasting couple

Black organza and white roses. Posh and snob like Paris. Modern and trendy, timeless and ageless. I told you about organza in my previous post. It’s a fabric I love, particularly in this black and white version: its texture is so light and transparent while its embroidery is so thick. One looks very delicate, the other one strongly characterized.

The charm of Black & White always wins: it survives trends, cultures and eras. It’s such a fine couple, chic and timeless!

"The charm of Black & White always wins: it survives trends, cultures and eras"

Paola Vanacore Couture

Timeless BLACK & WHITE

Dame in Black & White

Is it a loom made fabric or the creation of a plasterer? You want to touch it at the very first sight and caress its roses that seem to be decorated with stucco and kaolin. Imagine that veil of black organza mixing white clay and grey pearls powder, shaping kaolin paste and then designing stylized roses on fabric with the patience of a decorator. What a show!

I saved this textile for a long time, waiting for a special moment, for a woman that could be bewitched by its charm and push me to give it a new shape. Then one day a beautiful lady saw this fabric peeping behind a dress and, before asking what it was, she exclaimed: “I WANT IT. IT’S MINE“.

So we decided that it would have been a long wide skirt, which opens at every step and dances sinuously like a rose in the wind. This was its destiny.

And now, let me introduce you to the Dame in Black & White!

Paola Vanacore

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