Tiziana Pregliasco Business Coach

Ready Steady

I rediscover my work day by day. I’ve always faced it from an unusual perspective, and now I’m definitely convinced that being a Personal Trainer is much more than being a physical coach.

The essence of training is in the gradually more effective, strong and aware response a SYSTEM gives to a stimulation; it’s a sort of continuously measured and appropriate (if individually programmed) stress, which encourages us to challenge ourselves, improving the starting conditions thanks to an ADAPTIVE SOLUTION. And trust me: we always find it! Man is an infallible machine that keeps on shaping new balances and survives by improving itself.

1 It’s not a matter of AGE: I saw men and women bloom at 50, 60 and 70 years, achieving the results they were aiming for. Of course, age could make us more stiff (I consciously use the conditional form), but it’s always possible to counteract and reverse the direction. After all we have just one life to live, at least in scientific terms.

2 Training our body with the right stimulation is great for SOUL and MIND. Let’s go out of the”comfort zone” – especially if it’s a sofa or the chair in front of our PC – and find a new psychophysical balance: it will expand our views even before obtaining health improvements. It’s scientifically proven that planned exercise, even in short sessions, activates areas of the brain we normally don’t use and produces chemicals with powerful analgesic and exciting effects.

So, let’s train our body to train our mind.

3 The rhythm of modern life is exhausting and characterized by continuous changes and INNOVATIONS in everything: work mode, technology, media, communication, relationships. If we anchor to the past, it’s difficult to deal with the passage of time. We should, instead, use our experience to keep on looking at the future with flexibility and curiosity.

Let’s start from ourselves and LET’S MOVE: we don’t have to regress, but we should keep and cultivate our propensities, talents and abilities.

Our body is made to move, run, gather, hunt, run, climb, roll. It’s made to eat natural, not industrial food.

So innovate yourself, finding your roots, step by step.

4 Time passing is not a sentence, it’s an opportunity! The more time we have, the more good chances we have to grow healthy and happy.

Stop with excuses like “it’s too late”, “I would like, but I can’t” or “I’m sentenced to deteriorate”!

Tiziana Pregliasco aka di Ad Personam