Transformable Clothes by Clotilde

The Practical Made in Italy

After Crea Si, we return to the topic of women’s fashion with Clotilde transformable clothes. Dedicated to practical women, they are perfect for those who love to travel and who want to feel beautiful and appropriate in every situation.

Clotilde was founded in Prato, Tuscany, by two women who love fashion and the environment: Costanza Turchi and Silvia Bartolini. They decided to create beautiful, comfortable dresses that fit women’s bodies, make them feel good, and can be worn in various ways. They believe that a piece of clothing should not overpower a woman, but instead that it should make her feel comfortable and more herself.

Transformable Clothes by Clotilde

Costanza and Silvia founded Clotilde on the idea that clothing should be adaptable, and be able to be used in many ways: from morning to evening, and office to dinner, or a party.

To achieve this goal, they started by deconstructing existing garments to make them transformable. Their city, Prato, is home to the textile recycling industry: here used textiles from around the world are divided by fiber, and processed to create new materials.

“There is no beautiful dress, there is only the dress that makes you feel beautiful!”

Costanza Turchi and Silvia Bartolini

Transformable Clothes by Clotilde

The Practical Made in Italy

There are three convertible garments by Clotilde: la magliabito (the shirt dress), la tutabito (the all in one), la pantagonna (the pantskirt). Check out how to wear them!

With transformable clothes you can travel light; with only three garments, you can achieve great variety! The material is comfortable, easy to maintain, breathable and anti-wrinkle.

Alongside the convertible clothes, Costanza and Silvia also design collections. Their designs start with the fabrics. They are carefully chosen, taking into consideration the nature of the fibers, and with an understanding of their characteristics. Next, they produce the first prototype, then the final designs and photographs.

Clotilde a new brand Made in Italy

They take inspiration from the work of contemporary artists and paint and experiment with knitting, although they are not knitters. They collect all their ideas and then begin the process of narrowing down the final designs.

Their dream is to persevere in this difficult world, to feel good about what they do and to be able to earn a living doing what they love.

What can we say to these visionary women?

They are a true inspiration!

You can find Clotilde’s transformable clothes on the website.

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