Wellness Mode

Tiziana Pregliasco

If I decided to promote my business AdPersonam with an advertising campaign and I had to choose a testimonial, I would have no doubts.

IT WOULD BE HER: an emblem of health at 81 years old. It’s too easy to look super fit in your 20s, maybe cheating a little bit with Photoshop, too! Beautiful, lively, cheerful, she’s always elegant, with a polished look made just for her own dignity and not for narcissistic reasons. Maria has never had an easy life: as a young widow, she succeed in living normally with her three children, managing her family’s routine with all the joys and complications of an old-timey mom.

She is so special! When I ask her what’s her secret, since I WANT TO BE LIKE HER AT THE SAME AGE, she blushes, smiles and says: “… well, I don’t know, I just eat well because I can’t digest deep fried food, I exercise and I like dancing “.

She bounces happily on one leg to show me how to do it and then she continues: “I also like sub bathing that is good for bones”. Here it is! I would just add that she’s good-natured and definitely faces life with energy!

So isn’t there any other SECRET?

Something like an unusual elixir, an excellent plastic surgeon or some miraculous (and super expensive) cosmetics to erase the signs of aging? No, there’s nothing like that: there’s just a healthy life style, a genuine and balanced diet, a regular and constant physical activity; it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

It’s always the same old story and my testimonial is a clear example of that.

I invite you to think about it: organize yourselves to LIVE HEALTHILY every single day, 365 days a year, for the number of years you still have to live (the total count is an eternity!). When you look at your children (if you have any) or, in general, at the people you love, remember to pay the same attention to their lifestyle.

You don’t need to live a life of sacrifice, you just have to choose the best solution in every single moment: your body and mind have a MEMORY of the treatments you reserve them! Ask a good personal trainer or a capable wellness coach for advices if you don’t have enough experience or time.

Set your lifestyle on WELLNESS MODE: you will be happy and energetic with no need of medicines or additives!

At one o’clock I leave the beach, I can’t resist. Maria greets me radiantly: she will stay there, under the sun, chatting and playing cards with her friends for hours. Unlike me, SHE definitely has the physique!

Tiziana Pregliasco