Zani Del Frà, Personalized Bags

Your Style on Leather ™

Do you know what is really a true luxury these days? Having a high-quality product designed just for you and Made in Italy!

For this reason, we will share with you the story of a brand with over one hundred years of experience creating handbags, travel bags, and leather accessories. Zani Del Frà has been able to change with the times by offering the ultimate service in terms of luxury and sophistication: personalization of their products. Il Tuo Stile sulla Pelle ™, or Your Style on Leather ™, allows clients to not only choose their leather color and bag design but also embellish it with embroidered initials in a variety of colors.

In 1906 Lorenzo Chiorino founded the company, and for 4 generations the family has passionately worked to create fine leather products.

Our mission to understand and share the true meaning and significance of being Made in Italy, aligns perfectly with the principles of Federico Chiorino, and helps customers to realize why it is important to understand the product they are buying.

In Italy, we have the great fortune of living our lives constantly surrounded by beauty.

“Our products are innovative, timeless, and designed for those who are sure of their style and happy to search for a unique and non-standardized product.”

Federico Chiorino

Zani Del Frà, Personalized Bags

Your Style on Leather ™

Zani Del Frà is first and foremost a brand linked to the story of the Chiorino family. Over the years, four generations have added their touch to the production of their fine leather goods, which they produce for some of most important international fashion brands.

It is no coincidence that in the Zani Del Frà luggage you will find the highest quality materials, perfectly matched stitching, and beautiful combinations of accent fabrics. Each piece is like a journey through the different origins and ways to process leather, ultimately to savor the unique and excellent artisan traditions of Italy.

The professionals at Zani Del Frà are available to fulfill all of your custom and made to measure requests. Their fabulous team works together to produce all types of handbags and travel sets, as well as home and office accessories. Every piece is guaranteed 100% Made in Italy.

You can contact them at the Milan store in Via Moscova 47/A or through the website and Instagram.