Zucchetti. Kos Bathroom Design

The Made in Italy world of bathrooms

Today’s hectic lifestyles make coming home to a house that is beautiful and serene more important than ever. Feeling welcomed and embraced by your home makes it like a refuge from the world, a place of relaxation. In this context, the bathroom should also be able to give you the sensory experience of being in a SPA.

We are not talking about square footage but of details that warm the soul.

Zucchetti. Kos transform bathroom to a real oasis of well-being

As we tell the story of Made in Italy and Italian Style, Zucchetti. Kos stands out from the crowd. An Italian initiative that started in 1926 with Alfredo Zucchetti and his designer faucets, the company has continued to grow. Today, Elena and Carlo Zucchetti have joined the business and merged with Kos, a renowned brand of tubs and showers.

Zucchetti.Kos treats designing a bathroom just like the process of having a garment made. They construct made-to-measure, and uniquely tailored environments, complete with refined design elements and personal touches. They transform the bathroom from purely functional spaces to a real oasis of well-being.

“Our goal is to integrate the world of wellness into the daily life of the home, to always respond to the deepest needs of society.”

Elena and Carlo Zucchetti

Zucchetti. Kos Bathroom Design

The Made in Italy world of bathrooms

They produce products that vary from small fixtures to complex solutions such as the mini-pool.

The Zucchetti.Kos collections are the result of great teamwork, in which technology and design work seamlessly together.

From the first design sketches, each project goes through the so-called engineering phase, managed by the an internal design team. After studying the feasibility of a product, making prototypes, finalizing technical and design drawings, and finally laboratory testing, the products go into industrial production. The entire production cycle leading up to the finished product is carried out in the group’s own factories.

Despite the use of cutting-edge technology, the competence of Zucchetti.Kos’s team guarantees an optimal product that combines the precision of industrial production with the attention to detail of traditional artisanship.

We are proud that such a great company is part of Made in Italy!

Well done!

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