Are you a designer, a producer, an artisan, an architect, an inventor or anyone involved with a real, made in Italy product? Write us and tell us your story.

You need to respect the style and design criteria of the blog. You must have a website (preferred option) or at least a social media page to prove your business. After a first look, we will examine everything in more detail.

Tell us your story and send us some royalty-free, high definition pictures of your products (in other words, don’t send us random pictures found online or owned by others).

Yes, the first post is totally free. We only ask you to share it on your website and social media channels. After that, if you want to create a video, have more space for an in-depth analysis or any other trade initiative, we can talk about it.

Faq | Guest Editor

Do you like our blog? Are you a consummate connoisseur or up-to-date fan of fashion, design, architecture or any other topic we cover? Write us and let’s talk about it.
And if you want to propose new topics, you’re more than welcome. We take any suggestion into account.

We are looking for experience and a good knowledge of the topic you are interested in and want to propose. Plus, you should be able to match your words with appropriate images: that’s essential for web contents. Good pictures are fundamental.

Send us royalty-free, high-definition pictures (don’t send us random pictures found online or owned by others) respectful of the current image publishing laws.