Design Italy the Black Friday of Italian Design

Discover how to buy Italian Design

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Black Friday, an American tradition that the Internet has made popular also in Italy.

In 2019 a further increase in online purchases is expected. There is who is curious of the novelty, who is looking for a good deal and who will make the most out of it in order to buy Christmas gifts, exactly how it started for the Americans.

Discover Design Italy’s Black Friday: check out the offers discount of 25%

Ready to ship” only until Cyber Monday.

It is not bad if Black Friday’s offers help you to save money, but why not transform the discounts and trends in an opportunity to discover something. As in the week of Black Friday millions of people around the world will be on the hunt (looking for) of Made in Italy products, in order to afford, on the Friday of the offers, something that they have always wanted, why not go yourself on the hunt (looking for something) for the uniqueness of authentic Italian Design?

Actually, why not go and discover what “Design Italy” has to offer, the new website that in the whole world gives voice to the Italian “beautiful and well made”?

"Design Italy is a sole portal which is exactly dedicated to Made in Italy products and gives voice and visibility to Italian designers and artisans. It gives the whole world the possibility of discovering and purchasing products in all security.”

Roberto Ferrari

Design” and “Italy” are two terms that have always been able to connect with one another to form a perfect couple. Unfortunately, though, the huge capabilities that the Internet has brought with it have made it possible for some furniture, home décor, fashion and jewellery to be branded as Italian when they have very little of the Made in Italy. It is not enough to place an Italian brand on a product which often has materials and assembly techniques which are very far from the artisanal know-how of our tradition.

This is the importance of websites such as Design Italy, also in occasions such as Black Friday: someone who goes on the portal created by Roberto Ferrari, a manager that knows all the highs and lows of the internet’s global market, knows that he or she will only find products that have been selected with a precise idea.

Design Italy’s Black Friday selection,  you can find a limited number of pieces discounted at 25%

Ready to ship only until Cyber Monday.

Design Italy, as any aggregator of artistic ideas would, has its own “Manifesto”. Design Italy wants to, first of all, promote the Made in Italy, but wants to do so by giving voice and visibility to Italian talents which are still not very well known.

This is why the selection of offers for Black Friday on Design Italy is different from the ones of other e-commerce marketplaces.

Chairs, spectacles, jewels, designed bags

The products that one can buy on Design Italy are done by designers, artists, producers whose names would not normally appear on a search engine, but give the guarantee of being 100% Made in Italy, curated and refined in terms of style, rigorously modern, and in terms of manufacturing, often in limited and/or customizable editions.

The panther ring by Camilla Cardi, miniature sculpture with a magical meaning, the refined jug by Zanetto for the Christmas Table, the Certosina, the sinuous chair by Enrico Girotti, the Fausta glasses with the asymmetric frame. This and much more in the selection.

“The people, the stories and the ideas that make unique Made in Italy are now just a click away! On”

Roberto Ferrari

Design Italy the Black Friday of Italian Design

Discover how to buy Italian Design

Behind each one of these names there is not a company, or at least not only one company: there are personal stories, original intuitions and above all there is a non-standardized behaviour that characterises that product from its planning to the last seam of a dress, to the last detail of a piece of furniture, or to the last shade of colour of a home décor object.

A marketplace such as Design Italy increases the value of each purchase: the selected products are the result of a design and of an artisanal story with profound roots and, nevertheless, with the head always looking towards making the most of every contemporary suggestion.

Made in Italy has never been this close: the 25% off on a limited number of pieces “ready to ship” only until Cyber Monday

The Made in Italy owes a lot to the ability of the Italian designers to interpret the trends without ever losing their connotation. is itself the result of this characteristic of the Made in Italy, because through the absolute modernity of the e-commerce it allows for what there is of most antique and authentic of Italian beauty to emerge.

Buy in all security until Cyber Monday

A Black Friday of purchases on Design Italy is the most technological and luxuriously enshrined there can be: it is like entering in the shop or ‘bottega’ of a refined artisan, knowing that what is inside has already been selected by experts. A hybrid between a virtual showroom and a gallery. The best of the Made in Italy valorized by who really knows all of its qualities.

To conclude, Design Italy offers a unique customer care service, with personalization, assured deliveries and careful care in the timings and ways of delivery.

So what are you waiting for? Christmas?

You can find Design Italy here and the Black Friday selection here. And stay tuned… Christmas is caming.

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