Made in Italy Bicycle Bags

Pedaling in Italian style

Thanks to Jokfil Bikes, the design bicycles, I have been introduced to BBR- Borse Bici Resnati (Resnati Bicycle Bags) a Made in Italy bicycle bags.

Alessandro, the creator of the BBR brand, is a third generation artisan. He grew up in his family’s leather workshop, Valigeria Resnati, where everyone- men and women- worked together. It was a great school of Italian “know-how,” where not only artisanal processes, but professionalism and adaptability were handed down through the generations.

Made in Italy Bicycle Bags

In 2016, at the age of 41, Alessandro created a new brand within the family business and added a line of accessories dedicated to cycling.

BBR is based on the needs of cyclists: to transport objects in a functional and safe way, and to do so with Italian style.

“A revolutionary idea: bicycle bags with three different functions that always stay with you, even when you're not in the saddle.”

Alessandro Resnati

The real revolution lies in the fact that any bicycle bag coming out of the workshop actually has 4 features. Once you park your bike, the bags with built-in straps can come with you like a regular shoulder or messenger bag. For all those who are on the go for work, a line has been developed that includes a carrier for your I-Pad or laptop, and other electronics.

They are not just simple paniers thrown on the luggage rack, but a real work of art suspended on the frame, that takes into account geometry and functionality while using the center of gravity naturally provided by the bicycle frame.

Custom design and personalization

A line dedicated to cycling tourism, to the outdoors, and to the Sunday ride leading up to the big trip.

BBR offers various ways of customizing their bicycle bags, and will even create a custom design for you from scratch- a process that requires extra time and knowledge and is recommended for real enthusiasts.

In short, a true revolution in the world of bicycle accessories, but also a return to the tradition, experimentation and innovation of Made in Italy.

With BBR you can pedal with style and elegance without sacrificing comfort and performance.

What can we say to Alessandro?

Incredible work!!

You can contact BBR Made in Italy Bicycle Bags through their website

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