Extroverso Design and Lifestyle Made in Italy

The Story of Craftsmanship Through Decor

Design has always linked otherwise unconnected worlds.

We saw how Kriladesign brings industrial methacrylate together with light and lighting. Today, with Extroverso, we will explore the world of home decor. With founder, Manuela Dello Strogolo, we will talk about the anthropological function of design and how it highlights traditional realities of Made in Italy.

Manuela dello Strologo founder of Extroverso

Manuela dello Strologo has worked for over 15 years as sales and communication manager for her father’s company Tura, a leader in luxury furnishings.

Two years ago, Manuela created Extroverso to highlight the competent craftsmanship of companies in Brianza, a region near Milan and Lake Como. Through the production of her functional furnishing accessories, she brings to light the stories of artisans and unique artists.

“I wanted to bring the quality level of luxury furnishings within the reach of a younger clientele: a contemporary design that speaks of craftsmanship.”

Manuela Dello Strologo

Extroverso design and lifestyle Made in Italy

The Story of Craftsmanship Through Decor

Extroverso is a network of craftsmen who create beautifully designed objects for everyday use. Behind every piece is a story of the beauty and skill of the maker.

Every part of the production is Made in Italy, performed by highly experienced professionals and with selected materials. The stories of ancient and traditional techniques are told through design with a modern and innovative language.

Extroverso not only works directly with artisans and craftsman but also collaborates with other designers from around Italy. For example, along with the brand Inveloveritas, Extroverso has developed furnishings that illustrate the Sardinian textile tradition. Embroidery, lace, and shawls are used as inspiration and complement each piece. One beautiful example is the Cadòre rug, where Extroverso uniquely combines the ideas of Inveloveritas and the artisan mastery of Mariantonia Urru, a historical company that makes Sardinian hand-made carpets.

Artisans and Designer

Other notable pieces include the series of emotional stools and tables called Happy & Grumpy which were designed by Sakura Adachi, the three tables “Close Up” with drawings by Anna Sutor that are inspired by beautiful Italian cities, and the chairs and armchairs of the New Moon series that represent the synthesis between the classic and contemporary.

These and other designs are the result of the combination of emotions and cultures that Manuela Dello Strologo brings to life in her beautiful work.

Well done Manuela!!

You can find Extroverso on website.

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