Matuta Gioielli Jewelry Made in Italy

Jewelry of the 20th Century: Between Nature and Structure

Following the light of the star in the east, we return to the magical world of artistic jewelry with Cristina Serafini Sauli, founder of Matuta Jewelry.

We have talked about jewelry Made in Italy many times. In the twentieth century, art and fashion trends historically favored the development of artistic jewelry. It is to the merit of designers of this period that so many technological innovations were added to the goldsmith’s repertoire.

Matuta Jawelry: between experimentation and art.

Matuta Jawelry is a product of the 20th century. Cristina Serafini Sauli is an architect and designer by profession, but because of her passion for jewels, semi-precious stones, and metals, she has always created jewelry.

After twenty years as an architect, she decided to transform her passion into a brand: Matuta was born.

Admirer of the the bronze furnishings of Claude Lalanne, the jewelry of Suzanne Belperron, and the fairy-tale world of Alexander Calder’s, Cristina Serafini Sauli developed her creations in a similar way.

"I achieved my dream because I passionately do what I love.”

Cristina Serafini Sauli

Matuta Jewelry Made in Italy

Jewelry of the 20th Century: Between Nature and Structure

The jewelry of Matuta is inspired by architecture, modern art, painting and sculpture: each piece has a strong nature, which plays with dimension and structure. The shape of a knotty branch, a stylized shell, multicolored beetles that overlook geometric shapes and semi-precious stones.

Cristina Serafini Sauli loves imperfect stones, their uniqueness an exception to nature’s perfection. Her favorite metal is Bronze because of it’s warm coppery color and beautiful structure, but she also uses silver and brass from time to time.

Matuta Jewelry inspired by architecture and modern art

Beside her collections, she also creates unique pieces and tailor-made jewelry. Interacting with her clients, listening to their ideas and wishes, Cristina creates small, perfect masterpieces just for them.

Her jewelry is sold in the best shops throughout Italy.

What can we say? Beautiful work Cristina!

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