Coupé: Dienne’s transformable sofa

Today I want to feed your soul with an Italian stylish sofa bed, made by a…

Of Handmade knitwear Made in Italy

The contemporary and conscientious knitwear brand Made in Italy.

Evening Dresses Made in Italy

The evening dresses OPI [MO] Italian Style!

Elena Berton, Handbags and Couture Made in Italy

Elena Berton, only Italian Style!

Kilesa – Handbags Made in Italy

Kilesa handbags: manufacturing is top of the notch.

Fili Pari – The Transformation of Marble into Made in Italy Fashion

Fili Pari, young innovators produce fabric and fashion with marble dust

Pasly: Ethical Jewelry Made in Italy

Pasly Ethical Jewelry from nature

Foraging: have fun like a child with muddy shoes

FORAGING or, in other words, how wonderful is to leave home with a comfortable…

Don’t you know what to wear? 3 ideas and one great coaching exercise for you

There are simply moments in which we don’t feel that beautiful: 3 ideas and 1…

Kriladesign: lights and lighting

Kriladesign, light and design Made in Italy

The propitiatory goldsmith art of Abruzzo

The Presentosa and other symbols of the Abruzzo identity. The goldsmith school…

Finis Terre Mineral Make-up

Mineral makeup is actually the simplest natural cosmetic that we can use.

Matera, the Sassi and the Murgia Materana Park.

Matera is magnetic, fascinating, astonishing, and above all unique!

Italianbagsonline: Bags of the New Generation

Italianbagsonline: bags of the new generation. Handmade bags with recycled…

“Made in Italy” in Australia

Segmento Magazine, a magazine dedicated to Italian culture in Australia.

Living in Tuscany

Vivere in Toscana: sogno o realtà? Non mai troppo tardi per cambiare vita -…

A good hairdresser

A good hairdresser is better than a psychoanalyst. Are you looking for a good…

Timeless BLACK & WHITE

The charm of Black & White always wins: it survives trends, cultures and eras.…

THINK BIG! Transformable homes SMART PROJECTS for tiny spaces

As lifestyles and technology change and evolve, so do our homes: a wide range…

The Sicilian desserts: a symphony of almond flavours, spices and monastery secrets.

And so, let’s move to the DESSERTS: sorbets, almonds nougats and cassata are…