Nadiamari, the Made in Italy Fashion in Rome

Timeless elegance for all women

Atelier Nadiamari

The Made in Italy fashion of the capital is discovered slowly, by walking through the streets of the city center, far away from well-known brands and souvenir shops.

Nadiamari is a cosmopolitan brand, and research and elegance are their cardinal principles.

Their atelier is a small oasis; a salon from another time, it overlooks Via Monserrato, the famous and sophisticated street behind Piazza Farnese.

Made in Italy of the capital

Roman, elegant, and animated, Nadia Mari is moved by an authentic passion for tailoring, transmitted to her by her family. The Italian sartorial tradition lives on in every one of her garments: she pays great attention to materials, details and the women who will wear them.

Nadia Mari has worked for the big names in fashion: Valentino, Escada, Byblos. She even lived in Tokyo for two years while working for Prada

"Skillful tailoring enhances every type of physique. Elegance is not a question of size."

Nadia Mari

Nadiamari, the Made in Italy Fashion in Rome

Timeless elegance for all women

After these experiences, she met the man who would later become her husband, Giulio Fasano. They decided to return to Italy together, and she founded her own brand in Rome in 2010.

Success came two years later: the United States, the Middle East, and Northern Europe are all dressing in Nadiamari’s Italian elegance. In 2015 she opened her own shop in via di Monserrato, a showroom where she can welcome clients, in the heart of ancient Rome.

Nadiamari brings together prints and patterns, using her hands and heart to create unique pieces of extraordinary value: linear evening dresses, soft skirts, extremely tailored trousers.

The Nadiamari women

She designs and creates everything: the drawings of the prints, the silks made in Como, the timeless styles. Her collection is full of truly must-have pieces that will last forever in your wardrobe.

The Nadiamari woman is of an innate elegance, extremely sought after but not ostentatious. She is mature, aware of her choices, and attentive to what she wears.

In short, she is a woman who knows she is unique, just like Nadia Mari.

Go and visit her in Rome! You won’t regret it …

Bravissima Nadia!!

You can find Nadiamari in Rome, via di Monserrato 104 or in her website website.

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