Davide Serracini: Guitars Made in Italy

The Art of Italian Lutherie

The Italian stringed instrument industry needs no introduction; the fame of manufacturers like the Stradivari is legendary.

My task is to discover and share with you the companies and individuals who, from the north to the south of the Italian peninsula, continue to create world famous instruments.

After Chroma l’Officina dei Violini, we bring you the story of Davide Serracini, a guitars maker who was born in Ciampino, in the province of Rome, in 1978. As a student, Davide studied mechanical engineering and played the guitar.

Davide Serracini: Guitars Made in Italy

One day his guitar broke and Davide starting looking for a luthier to repair it. He met a gentleman who did it as a hobby, and when he entered his laboratory, fell madly in love with what he saw.

He continued to study engineering but eventually gave it up when he discovered La Civica Scuola di Liuteria di Milano, a famous School of Lutherie in Milan. During his four years there, he learned from the best teachers the construction techniques of plucked string instruments, as well as the philological method for the study and reconstruction of antique and modern instruments.

“My guitar, while taking inspiration from the great authors of classical stringed instrument making, develops on a personal line of simplicity and elegance.”

Davide Serracini

Davide Serracini: Guitars Made in Italy

The Art of Italian Lutherie

Now, at age 40, he works with numerous Italian and foreign musicians, and has three distributors in China, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

His guitar making process is completely artisanal, and incorporates only a few simple electrical machines. Each instrument is unique from design to construction.

Davide Serracini – The Art of Italian Stringed Instruments

Davide uses pre-selected precious woods for each part of the guitar. For the soundboard, he uses Italian fir, while other parts are made from mahogany, rosewood and Balkan maple. The important thing is weight.

The varnishing is made of either a painted on shellac, or two part acrylic spray.

Davide Serracini’s guitars tour the world with artists such as Luca Stricagnoli and Chun, Sang-hyeok bringing with them the fame and know-how of Made in Italy.

Well done Davide!

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