Bijoux Dell'Anno Costume Jewelery Made in Italy

Quality Neapolitan Jewelry

Today I bring you the story of a company that warms the heart and chases the winter blues away from your wardrobe, Bijoux Dell’Anno.

After the famous Carlo Zini, who makes the Milan sky shine with a thousand colors, we go to Naples where a brave and beautiful lady warms our days with her cheerful and beautiful bijoux.

Carmen Dell’Anno creates her costume jewelery brand

Thirteen years ago, Carmen Dell’Anno started the Bijoux Dell’Anno brand, and began traveling in search of special and extraordinary materials.

With twenty years of experience in the sector, in a short time she was able to create a company that values Made in Italy, great Italian excellence, and above all, Naples and its many resources.

“A woman should express her true state of mind, she should not feel embarrassed, every bijoux should become a fundamental part of the person who wears it!”

Carmen Dell’Anno

Bijoux Dell'Anno Costume Jewelery Made in Italy

Quality Neapolitan Jewelry

The creation of a bijoux always starts with Carmen. It can be triggered by a particular moment of the day, by a landscape, or by an emotion. Then through collaboration with her all-female team, the idea takes shape.

Then they begin to test and try the bijoux, the most important phase. According to Carmen, wearing a piece of jewelry should not be uncomfortable. Whether you are in the office, working, driving, or answering the phone, jewelry should not be an obstacle. The closure is also very important: you can’t always ask for help from your husband 😉 …

Bijoux Dell’Anno Jewelery

Once the product meets these standards, the collection is created including six pieces for each line: a short and long necklace, earrings, mono earring, and rings (though not many).

Each bijoux is made using a special type of laser silk-screening that lends value to the process. Chains are always nickel-free and made of hypoallergenic material. This winters colors are: black, white, red, green, shades of purple and camel, and pumpkin with a hint of rust.

In short, light up your wardrobe!!

Well done Carmen!

You can find Bijoux Dell’Anno on the website.

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