Christmas gifts 2019

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Christmas gifts 2019? It’s not true it’s just the thought that counts

Christmas memories of that long awaited moment when you unwrap your presents – even though you are no longer a child – are punctuated by huge disappointments. That sadness in seeing that your grandma’s gift you have long looked for is accepted with a surprised expression on her face and the question: “What is this for?”

Your self-control assuming the honesty of your brother who had no problem answering: “Yes. Thank you” when you told him: “If you don’t like it you can change it”. The stereotyped smile your present has put on your mom’s face – but you know her too well to understand it will just be left at the bottom of a drawer. So, indeed, finding the perfect gift is important because, as Design Italy’s motto goes “uniqueness matters”.

The perfect Christmas gift 2019 on Design Italy 2019

Are you looking for home decor present? Let’s start from the Christmas tree under which you are going to put your presents. This year, the ecological trend has pushed all of us to suspiciously look at the fir stored in the basement and reused year after year. The green choice is opting for a tree that may last many years, in order to reduce the impact on forests and disposals: so what can be better than the Christmas tree in recycled cardboard by Lessmore, a home décor product you may want to leave in your living room way beyond January 6th.

Having the chance of visiting a website such Design Italy means relying on someone who has already selected for you exclusive, valuable, timeless products.

“Jewelry, home décor, prints, accessories! The design gift Made in Italy is just a click away!”

Design Italy

Design Italy not only gives you the idea for the gift you were looking for, but it also offers a unique purchase experience thanks to its Christmas selection. Design Italy is based on a well-defined concept, a perfect idea to simplify your Christmas shopping, but mainly to learn, in any purchase experience, how to always choose objects that will never lose their value and will always be in your heart.

Indeed, together with the disappointment for a gift that was not truly fitting, the excitement for unwrapping Christmas presents brings with it the feeling of having spent so much for something that will last a span of just a few months, due to either its quality or its use. On the contrary, on Design Italy you will find only items of excellent workmanship and unique conception, original pieces designed to never go out of fashion.

Choosing Christmas gifts becomes a pleasure

Design Italy saves you hours of shopping going from one store to another and surfing from one site to another with the feeling of seeing always the same stuff, same colors, same models.

The Christmas gift chosen on Design Italy is a unique present, hard to imitate and it doesn’t go unnoticed. How not to fall in love with the “Trebok” pitcher set by De Vecchi? Your mom won’t store it in the cupboard, she will show it off.

“Design Italy is the website where choosing Christmas gifts becomes a pleasure!”

Roberto Ferrari

Christmas gifts 2019

Choose Made in Italy on Design Italy

And by the way, in case you are no longer sure, once you have received it, about the present for your mom, your brother, or your friend of yours you want to show all your gratitude to, no worries because the return policy is fast and clear.

Speaking of choosing an important present for friends and professionals, the men’s present selection proposed by Design Italy is perfect to show all your gratitude. And your retired dad who devours one book after another will find the Fassamano reading glasses wonderful and classy.

The uniqueness of Made in Italy at your fingertips

With Design Italy’s selection the nightmare of choosing Christmas presents becomes a pleasure: surfing among the many Christmas options is not shopping, it is visiting an art and design gallery.

Choosing, among the Adima foulards, the print that your so demanding sister will like best is like pausing to appreciate a painting. While browsing Design Italy’s collection it is possible to retrace the path of excellence which allowed Made in Italy to become a renowned brand all over the world: every single detail, every peculiarity of craftsmanship are pieces belonging to the great artisan tradition of Made in Italy.

Design Italy is the real Santa Claus: kind, unforgettable, reliable and able to satisfy every desire!

On Design Italy you can find the man selection, the house, and table selection and for the most undecided here.

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