Francesca Marchisio Reversible Coats

Traditionally Tailored Coats with a Touch of Femininity

Francesca Marchisio is an emerging Made in Italy fashion designer. What makes her work special? With her signature reversible coats she interprets fashion trends with authentic artistic flair and lightness.

Born in 1978 in Cuneo, a small city in the Piedmont region, Francesca studied design at the Marangoni Institute in Milan. In 2001 she won the MaxMara Award and started working with the well-known brand as a fashion designer. After several years of experience as a consultant, in 2011 she created the Sacaporter project, in which she designed and created vests with multiple pockets inspired by traveling and change. In 2018 she signed a collaboration agreement with the Epipi of Senigallia, for the production of a total look collection.

Francesca Marchisio esperience

The Francesca Marchisio collection is founded on the essentials, and features practical, elegant, and versatile garments, with a timeless soul and a contemporary cut.

Reversibility has always been an integral part of her philosophy. More than an aesthetic choice, it makes the woman who wears her clothes free, to feel and see herself in infinite ways.

“To feel free and authentic with lightness. Reversible coats join opposites with simplicity!”

Francesca Marchisio

Francesca Marchisio Reversible Coats

Traditionally Tailored Coats with a Touch of Femininity

Reversible is her way of seeing things. Francesca tries to highlight her double nature in her collection: the artistic side and the conservative side.

She prefers straightforward, traditional fabrics for tailoring, and creates masculine coats with a touch of timeless femininity! Simple yet significant.

Reversible is her way of seeing things

In designing the garments, Francesca works closely with the pattern and sample maker. By following the production phases step by step, she is able to solve the challenging of making a reversible garment and find extraordinary aesthetic solutions.

For the spring-summer 2020 collection, Francesca Marchisio proposed an experiment in ethical craftsmanship: a capsule of essential garments made with the scraps of already cut fabrics. Transformed into precious macro-sequins, each fabric piece is then hand-sewn to create ever-changing three-dimensional effects.

Beautiful work Francesca!

You can find Francesc Marchisio on her website.

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